Sending personalised, bulk SMS has never been so easy and affordable Introduce bulk SMS in your marketing mix and enjoy better results!

Everything you need to send personalised, bulk SMS in one simple platform.

Super Easy!

The entire vision for SMSOverload is to be simple, reliable, and a cost effective marketing solution.  We have been in the SMS business for many years, and understand the needs of our customers and the technology required to make our vision a reality.

A Personal Touch

You can increase your open, click, and conversion rates by creating personal connections with your contacts.  We offer custom fields and mapping, allowing you to automatically target very specific details about each client.  We also have a personalized birthday service so you can wish your clients well or remind them about a renewal.

Worldwide Targeting

It does not take a brain surgeon to understand that the open and click rates on SMS Marketing is better then any other marketing platform.  With our system, you can send hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of messages in minutes.  “Delivery To Inbox (Or Phone)” is guaranteed!  People are going to be engaging with your messages within minutes of you sending out your campaigns.

Cost Effective

We want you to see healthy ROI with your SMS campaigns.  With us, you are not working with a middle man.  You can rest assured we are working with the source, and ensuring you always pay the lowest price for your SMS credits.

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We have a intelligent system that will ensure all your phone numbers are formatted correctly with the country code and any other required prefix.  This is all done instantly during the upload process.


Since you might not always want to send to your entire list, we have developed excellent and detailed list targeteing tools. You can easily filter your list by gender, age, location, custom fields, or status before you send out your campaign.


Easily automate your SMS campaigns to send out special messages on special occasions. You can also setup an automated “Happy Birthday” message to keep your clients engaged with your brand.


Use custom fields to match up your database.  Send super targeted message for higher engagement.  Replace “Hi There”, to “Hi Mark”.  This level of customization is available for 25+ fields of data.


Depending on the personalization that you use, some messages may be longer then others.  The preview feature allows you to test and ensure all messages are under 160 chracters to prevent messages from being broken down into two messages.

Different packages to suit every need.





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per SMS

…when purchasing from 10,000 to 99,999 sms



per SMS

…when purchasing more than 100,000 sms

*Different rates apply to send SMSes to the following countries: Myanmar, Guadeloupe, Qatar, Syria, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Colombia, Somalia, Thailand, Panama, Rwanda, Montenegro, Libya, New Caledonia and French Polynesia. Click here for more details.

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